5 Top Rated Vaporizers 2017

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5 Top Rated Vaporizers 2017

It is almost 2017 summer by the time of writing. And it’s never too late to choose vaporizers from top rated list.

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We hope you already own a vape but there is a possibility that you’re not satisfied enough. As a result, you’re looking for a good vaporizer that you can love. You are at the right place. We are providing you a list of 5 top rated vaporizers (yet) of this year (2017). All the links we are providing to buy vaporizers are 100% safe and the provided warranty will be fully valid.

PAX 2 VPRZRS#5 PAX 2: It was on the top rated list over the last few years. People are loving PAX 2 still. This vaporizer is for Aromatic blends and highly portable. For details & to buy from authorized retailer, visit: Buy PAX 2


#4 DaVinci IQ: Undoubtedly one of the most stylish portable vaporizers available in the industry. The manly look and the awesome build quality makes this vaporizer rank 4th on our list. DaVinci IQ will provide you 10 years warranty. To learn more & to buy from authorized retailer, please visit: Buy DaVinci IQ

Firefly 2 VPRZRS

#3 Firefly 2: Looks better, performs better and with the upgraded technology Firefly 2 is really one step ahead of its ancestor. Being praised by everyone, Firefly 2 is for both aromatic blends and concentrates and uses the most advanced vaporization technology available. To know more and to buy from trusted retailer, please visit: Buy Firefly 2


#2 Mighty: The most famous Storz & Bickel is very well-known to the vape users. Mighty is one of their finest portable vaporizers. This vape is for both aromatic blends and concentrates and uses both convection and conduction technology. Good news is, recently the price has been dropped permanently for Mighty Vaporizer. To know more and buy from most trusted retailers please visit: Buy Mighty


#1 PAX 3: The Apple in the vape industry. Truly PAX 3 is the most beautiful, most efficient and most technologically advanced vaporizer available in the market. It also can be used for both aromatic blends and concentrates. Super easy to use and clean. To learn more about PAX 3 and to buy from authorized retailer please visit: Buy PAX 3

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