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What you have, straight out of Canada , is an ingeniously crafted piece with convectional heating, molded with ceramic glass and an air path built with stainless steel fitted with other outstanding features.

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What is the best vaping experience you have had? I doubt if that is outside Arizer vaporizers. I agree that in finding the vaporizer that best meets your need, there are many options out there for you to consider but,  I can absolutely assure you that you can never go wrong with Arizer vaporizers. Check out its new Arizer Argo vaporizer.

 What you have, straight out of Canada , is an  ingeniously crafted piece with  convectional heating, molded with ceramic glass and an air path built with stainless steel fitted with other outstanding features. The Arizer Argo vaporizer is a top drawer portable vaporizer that meets your need for optimal vaping. It delivers that rich, dense, and solid flavor that you crave from your choice of dry is a portable and powerful vaporizer for harnessing the richness of dry herbs coupled with surreal and advanced features for the best of experiences.

Arizer ArGo (Photo Courtesy: VaporNation)

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The Arizer Argo vaporizer is a fittingly on-the-go vaporizer that blends in seamlessly with your personality while delivering amazing, rich, aromatic and flavorful vapor.  The pocket friendly vaporizer uses convection vape as opposed to the regular conduction vape to ensure maximum extraction of aromatic flavor from dry herbs for the dry herb connoisseurs.  The conventional heating ensures that the herb chamber is completely vaporized by sending hot air down an isolated air path.

Arizer Go (Photo from Manufacturer)

What more it is designed to give an on-the-go customization of the vaping experience? It is fitted with n OLED display coupled with advanced customization settings for total user control. It spots a precise temperature control that enables you to pinpoint the best temperature for your vaping experience, adjustable timer, unit of measure customization, brightness and notification controls. The Argo vaporizer gets you ready for the experience in ‘wait for it’ in under a minute! From a cold startup till you are blazing trails in vapor. That’s an amazing speed if you ask me. In addition, it ensures quality short draw vape that you love.

Go farther and stay longer with everything you
need, fitting right in the palm of your hand. (Photo from Manufacturer)

 The Arizer Argo ensures quality vapor through its blend of glass, ceramic and stainless steel air path. This wonder of a vaporizer is built precisely with borosilicate glass aroma tubes that double as both a mouth piece and air path to guarantee that each draw produces an untainted and pure flavor- think-smooth, richly flavored vape.

Argo Battery Inserted (Photo Courtesy: VaporNation)

To ensure continuous on the-go-vaping experience it comes with a high capacity rechargeable and swappable lithium ion batteries, plus a pass-through feature which enables you to vape and charge on –the-go. In addition, you can count on getting 9 sessions or about 75 minutes of vaping from a full charge at mid-range heat. Did I mention that, the batteries are swappable? Yes.

ArGo Box (Photo Courtesy: VapeWorld)

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Aside from functionality, the Argo comes with incredible designs.  With its anodized aluminum and smooth plastic shell, it gives the high performance it is built for without compromising on style.  Plus, its isolated air path ensures that no harmful compounds are inhaled during vaping- prioritized health! 

To cap it all the device comes with a two year limited warranty concerning defects in material or workmanship and a lifetime warranty on the heating elements.

What you find in the box?

1x Arizer Argo
1xUSB charger/power adapter
1x 18650 lithium ion battery
2x glass aroma tubes
1x silicon stem caps
1x steel tool
4x stainless steel screens
1x belt clip carry case
1x instruction manual.

BUY NOW ($269.99)

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