Best Portable Vape to Use During Sex

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Vaping Sex Vexing

This will sound crazy, but do you ever thought of vaping while having sex?

Vaping while sexing or you can name it “vexing” can be your next fantasy.

Many people are already smoke in bed which is messy because of the ashes. And your partner probably not liking this act.

Now is the time to think different, think vaping. And moving forward, vape during sex.

To do this, you need a little preparation.

  • Buy a portable vaporizer (if you don’t already have one)
  • Buy cannabis flowers. You can use lavender bud to avoid getting high.
  • Load your portable vape with flowers or lavender bud.
  • Put the vaporizer beside your bed.
  • And start romancing out of the vape cloud.

Not all the vapes may suitable for “vexing” purpose.

We are recommending two finest vapes in the world. PAX 3 & Firefly 2. You can learn more about those two vapes in this website.

So, explore, grab it, set it up and BANG!

By the way, outdoor sexing and vaping sounds more adventurous than indoor. Isn’t it? You can try that too.

Learn more: PAX 3 | FIREFLY 2

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