Can I Vaporize CBD Oil?

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“Theoretically, vaping CBD oil is possible. In reality, it’s probably a bad idea!

A question we often get from visitors to the site is “Can I vaporize CBD oil”?

To try to answer that question we contacted Glen, founder of an up-and-coming CBD oil brand from the United Kingdom called CibidoilTM. Operating out of Covent Garden, London, CibidoilTM specialises in what CBD purists would consider the mecca of CBD oil, namely raw full spectrum CBD oils.

CibidoilTM Laboratory Grade Full Spectrum CBD OilsTM are manufactured from organically grown full plant industrial hemp, via a super clean extraction method (super-critical Co2 extraction).  CibidoilTM are also members of the Cannabis Trades Association UK, which stands as a testimony of their street cred. So, if anybody is well placed to help us answer our question, Glen should be! Here’s what he had to say.

“Theoretically, vaping CBD oil is possible. In reality, it’s probably a bad idea!

Whilst vape juices (also known as e-liquids) are designed specifically for use with e-cigarettes, vape pens or box mods, CBD oil is not! Vape juices are generally composed of a mix of approximately 90% propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) and 10% food grade flavorings. In some cases, nicotine is also added for that extra kick! The chemical properties of these liquids are tailored for an optimal vaping experience.

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And, whilst CBD oil does evaporate to a certain extent it rapidly begins to burn, and when it burns the vapour turns into smoke, and the smoke is pretty nasty. Not only would the taste be very unpleasant but it’s also probably not the type of smoke you’d want to be filling your lungs with!

Also, certain CBD oils – such as those sold by CibidoilTM – contain other compounds naturally found in the cannabis plant that don’t vaporize well, such as plant fiber, waxes or minerals. These compounds tend to burn and leave a residue that gunks up your vaping coil and filter.

So, whilst you will find recipes online or at your local vape store for all sorts of DIY CBD infused vape concoctions, my advice would be to stick to using vape juices in your vaporizers! If you’re looking to increase your intake of cannabidiol in a more natural manner, I would recommend going down the drops route. Always consult with your doctor before starting a CBD food supplement program and if he’s Ok with you taking CBD oil, my advice would be to take your drops sublingually for increased bioavailability.”


So there you have it from the horse’s mouth! And whilst how and what you vape is totally up to you, Glen’s advice does ring true. It would indeed be sad to mess up that brand-new vaporizer or even worse, make yourself ill! For those of you that want to try CBD oil food supplements, why not take a look at Cibidoil’s online Laboratory StoreTM ? They’re offering 15% off their best-selling 5% 500mg CBD oil for a limited time only. All you need to do is enter the promo code CBD15 at checkout!

Happy vaping to all!


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