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FLYTLAB LIFT Budget Vape for Herbs

FLYTLAB LIFT Vaporizer Review Score


Vapor Quality









  • 10 Years Warranty
  • Ceramic Oven
  • Convection + Conduction
  • Super Ease of Use
  • Tasty Flavor


  • Low Vapor Production
  • Breakable Glass Mouthpiece
  • Battery Dies Quickly

The first impression of FLYTLAB LIFT Vaporizer was a WOW by looking at the packaging. But we must say if you’re looking for a vape that produces lots of vapor, this beauty is not for you.

FLYTLAB LIFT Portable vaporizer

LIFT is a compact style premium herbal vaporizer. Super easy to use and clean. Lift is compact but it is a quite powerful portable vape. It uses three temperature settings and produces the really tasty flavor of vape.

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Temperature Settings: As mentioned earlier, LIFT uses three temperature setting. You can change temperature by one tap of a button when cycling through different colors.

Blue: When blue it will provide you 365 – 375 F temperature for cooking your herb. And this is the lowest temperature of this vape.

Yellow: When yellow it will provide you 395 – 405 F temperature. It considered as medium temperature.

Green: Green considered as the maximum temperature of this vape which is 415 – 425 F.

When you press one time while choosing one of those colors, the LIFT will start heating up the ceramic bowl and bake your herb. It takes 25 – 38 seconds to heat up. The baking process will continue for 2 minutes.


Oven & Heating System: The FLYTLAB LIFT provides a ceramic oven which is really great when you use herbs. LIFT utilizes a hybrid heating system which is a mixture of Conduction & Convection. Where other vapes use only convection, the LIFT uses both of them and thus able to produce tasty flavors of vape. We found it really impressive.

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Build Quality & Design: The LIFT made with lightweight aluminum alloy. It kind of look like a cheap portable battery charger. But the fancy magnetic top lid is definitely a premium feature. LIFT can hold up to 0.7 grams of herb. It uses glass mouthpiece and you will get one extra in the box. The glass mouthpiece is breakable if your vape fell accidentally. It really feels good when you’re holding it. Pretty neat. It has two available colors: Black & White.

Battery: We do not know the mAh of the battery as it mentioned nowhere. You can charge the battery fully in 2 hours. After fully charged, LIFT will be able to bake 15 bowls average. If unattended for 30 seconds LIFT automatically cool itself down. Your herbs and battery drainage will be saved this way.

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Warranty: One of the coolest things about this vape is that it comes with 10 years of warranty. As only other high-end vapes can provide this feature, LIFT becomes unique in its price range.

Best to Use: Indoor and outdoor you can use it anywhere you want. We found it great when playing video games & watching movies indoor.


  • SmartHeat System
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Excellent Flavor Transfer
  • Glass Mouthpiece
  • Large Battery


  • Lift Vaporizer
  • Concentrate Tool
  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Cable and AC Adapter

Quick Comparison (PAX 3 vs LIFT)

You may consider buying LIFT if you are thinking about buying PAX 3. Two major differences between them is PAX 3 provides more temperature than LIFT & PAX 3 uses app to control the Vape. Now choose wisely. We would recommend LIFT if you have a low budget and looking for a premium quality vape. FLYTLAB LIFT clearly the best vape in the price range of $100 – $200, where LIFT costs $150 USD.

Where to Buy: You can buy directly from the manufacturer but we would recommend you buy from most trusted and authorized retailer VapeWorld. You will be amazed by experiencing their customer service.

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