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Portable Vape Review

G Pen Pro

In a nutshell, the G Pen Pro is a simple but functional vaporizer. Sleek design and almost invisible. It offers a solid performance and for what’s worth, cost less than a hundred bucks.

G Pen Pro Vaporizer











  • Economical Price
  • Compact & Easy to Carry
  • Simple Operation
  • Superb Vapor Quality
  • Decent Battery Life


  • Temperature Setting Not Satisfactory
  • No Advanced Options

The G Pen Pro vaporizer by industry giant Grenco Science has been drawing favorable comparisons with the Pax 3, particularly due to its small size. This is made for the ultraportable market, and like its predecessor, the original G Pro Herbal, it is made specifically for vaping dried herbs.

In a nutshell, the G Pen Pro is a simple but functional vaporizer. Sleek design and almost invisible. It offers a solid performance and for what’s worth, cost less than a hundred bucks.

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What’s inside?

1 G Pen Pro Vaporizer
1 G Pen Tool
1 USB Charging Cable
1 Cleaning Brush

G Pen Pro Vaporizer


G Pen Pro: The Highlights

Sleek, Stylish Design
Every manufacturer has a signature mark it leaves on its product. For Grenco Science, artistry is a hallmark. The unit has a fine matt finish and feels easy to hold. Also, it is not a perfectly round shape. So, no worries about the device rolling off a flat surface if laid down. For its price, the G Pen Pro is well designed and compare favorably to more costly vaporizers.

Impressive Vapor Quality
The G Pen Pro is no doubt a solid performer. Even more so when you consider its price and other vaporizers in the same price range.
The G Pen Pro heats up pretty quick and produces a nice volume of warm, visible vapor. The Draws are unforced and natural and are particularly great early on during the vaping session.

Manufacturing Quality
The G Pen Pro is made up of an aluminum body, which is impressive. The mouthpiece being plastic is not entirely a great choice of material though, as it may affect the overall quality of the vapor when the unit is used for a long, continuous session. There is a cover made of silicon to help reduce overheating issues.
Considering its price, I think it is fair to say the G Pen Pro fares just above average here. What will be unfair is to expect any groundbreaking piece of engineering.

Exceptional Portability
This device is not made to be only portable, but be ultraportable. Almost invisible! For those of us who like to be as discreet as possible, there are few better options than the G Pen Pro. It is small and can easily fit into pockets or purses. And just as robust, so it won’t break due to minimal stress.

Battery Life/Temperature Setting
The battery life is quite good. Depending on your temperature settings, we’re looking at 40 minutes to 1 hour of continuous use.

As we have said before, the unit heats up quickly and has 3 adjustable temperature level indicated by a set of LED lights: Blue, Green, and Red. Not completely great, but gets the job done.

Final Thoughts!

The G Pen Pro is a budget unit and it offers a solid performance for its price. Considering the other units on the same market spectrum, we dare say you’ll find it difficult to get a better deal. It is simple to use and easy to maintain. Overall, it is value for money any day, any time.


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