Medical Marijuana Equals Good Health? Florida Perspective

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I think we should ask Snoop Dogg a few questions on this one. It is also a great help to people trying to get over alcohol addiction as it is less addictive and a lot less dangerous than alcohol.

Out of the thirty one states that have legalized the use of marijuana mainly for medical purposes Florida stands out. Is it because it is the fourth most populated state or because its sandy beaches are a hot bed for experimentation and high risk lifestyles? These are questions that sadly won’t be answered in this article. Instead the plant itself will be the sole focus.

Marijuana in Florida

Marijuana goes by so many nicknames given to it by its adoring users but one stands out “weed” and in Florida “weed” was legalized in 2016 by voters but there were such stringent rules guiding its purchase and usage that one may as well just obtain it illegally or abandon the idea entirely. In 2017 after a huge political battle the legislature drew up a list of ways that patients could legally use medical marijuana. While vaporized weeds, edibles, sprays and marijuana oils was allowed, a ban was placed on puffing weed the good old fashioned way. However, on May 2018 after a lawsuit filed on behalf of two patients suffering from one terminal and incurable disease or the other by Orlando lawyer and medical marijuana advocate John Morgan a Tallahassee judge ruled that Florida’s current smokable weed prohibition is unconstitutional and Florida’s medical cannabis patients have the right to smoke weed in private places.


While this may seem like Florida has finally jumped on the progressive train, there are still stringent rules guiding its use. So don’t be surprised if you are pulled over by the cops and get thrown in jail for toeing the red line. So why the fuss over a plant anyway? Marijuana without the risk of sounding like a pot advocate is a gift from nature to man. Its varying medical values prove this point. The two active chemicals that researchers believe have medical applications are cannabidiol (CBD) which impacts the brain without a high and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which contains pain relieving properties and is responsible for the high. There are over twenty one conditions one can cite as a legitimate reason for marijuana use. A slight headache or insomnia caused by Lucy’s beauty won’t cut it, sorry. Here are a few conditions medical marijuana can fix or help control.

Less Dangerous than Alcohol?

Chronic pain is one of the most cited reasons for use of medical marijuana and arthritis disorder is in that neighborhood. It also helps reduce muscle spasms related to multiple sclerosis, controls epileptic seizures and severe seizure disorder caused by a serious condition known as the Drivet syndrome. Although this is still subject to further research, it contains properties that can prevent cancer from spreading and it has been proven to soothe tremor for people with Parkinson’s disease. It also does wonders for people suffering glaucoma as it helps to reduce intraocular pressure on the eyes. It is a great help in the treatment of hepatitis C as it increases the effectiveness of treatment and seems to lessen the side effects and in the treatment of cancer it reduces some of the pain and nausea from chemotherapy and stimulates appetite. Post – traumatic stress disorder is another main reason for the use of medical marijuana and it has properties that ease trauma and soothes away the nightmares. It also decreases anxiety if the right amount is administered as an overdose could have the opposite effect. While it is not medically proven it may spur creativity from the release of dopamine in the brain which lowers inhibitions and has a relaxing effect giving the brain the ability to perceive things differently. I think we should ask Snoop Dogg a few questions on this one. It is also a great help to people trying to get over alcohol addiction as it is less addictive and a lot less dangerous than alcohol.

A Few Puffs a Day Can Keep The Doctor Away

So have we been beating up a harmless plant with various positive health benefits? However, the side effects are impaired memory, learning and processing speed especially if regular use started before the age of sixteen or seventeen. While marijuana should be encouraged within the bounds of medicine its recreational use should be highly regularized to avoid an explosive situation because truth be told young people are adventurous in nature and would abuse its ready availability. Indulgence is the bane of our existence and while a few puffs a day can keep the doctor away a few more can send you to the doctor on a stretcher.

What Time Is It?

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