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420 Friendly Vacations – Best Locations

So your coming up on your weeks vacation and was possibly thinking on going to the U.S. to explore the cannabis friendly vibe they have now. I sometimes have to pinch myself because 420 friendly vacations are now a real thing!

Well you have a ton of choices and we are here to sort through them and help you decide where you want to go.

Ok now, you have quite a few options on what state and city you want to spend your time at. Not all places are created equal. We will go over some of the pros and cons of each state.


Colorado is the first state to legalize recreational cannabis for use by adults 21 and over. Denver is the mecca of this state when it comes to finding recreational dispensaries.  Denver has about 200 recreational stores within the city and its surrounding municipalities. The entire state has over 300

Lake Irene, Colorado

So if your in Breckenridge to do some skiing you will have a few close by. Are you going to Colorado Springs? Then you will only have a choice of two recreational stores located in Manitou Springs (a small town right next to it).  Going to Pueblo to ski on the lake? Then you have around 15 weed stores to choose from. Colorado has a place somewhere near you to buy cannabis from across most of the state. Now there are a few towns that opted out of recreational cannabis, but you can still find a store within a hour of you.

Colorado also has the most 420 friendly lodging when it comes to the green states. You can find a lot of hotels, motels, Bud and Breakfasts, vacation homes and 420 friendly campgrounds too. The famous Adagio Bud and Breakfast is a favorite but can get pricey, another option is The Cliff House Lodge in Morrison, this place has seven 420 friendly cabins that you can blaze in and all of them come with a Jacuzzi too!

One of the best activities you can do in Colorado is take a 420 tour. Cannabis tours in Colorado were the first industry to take off when recreational weed was made legal and is still a booming industry today. So book a tour see a cannabis grow and enjoy some weed while you enjoy the scenery.

Colorado Springs also has a few gems like the Mystic Portal B&B, this is a very quaint place that allows pets and the owner WILL blaze a bowl with you while she tells you of all the great things in the city to see. I click this link if your wanting vetted 420 friendly lodging.

Colorado is a great place to visit and should be at the top of your list. Weather you go in the winter to enjoy the slopes, in the summer to enjoy the hiking, fishing, and camping outdoors, or during the fall when the Aspen tress are changing to beautiful colors, Colorado is a great place for your 420 friendly vacation.

PROS – You have a lot of recreational stores and lodging. Lots of outdoor activities.

CONS – State is very spread out, the summer is short, dispensaries are clustered mostly in the Denver area.


The sunshine state of California is another great choice for your cannabis vacation. Here you also have a ton of options on what you want to see, do and smoke. California has about half of the number of recreational dispensaries in it compared to Colorado, so finding a dispensary that sells recreation cannabis can be a challenge


When I was in San Bernardino I only had a choice of three recreation stores. Two of which were closed on Sunday (I got in on Friday night), so be sure to stock up when you go shopping. One very cool thing about California is you can consume your cannabis at the dispensary! A lot of them now have a lounge attached to the location for you to vape, dab or enjoy an edible while you kick back and relax with others. But no open flame is allowed.

Now what city you choose to visit is up to you and your preferences. Los Angeles is a great place as you have a ton of stuff around to see and do. A lot of the famous beaches are easy to get to, Venice, Santa Monica pier, Malibu are all within a 45 minute drive from the city center. You have Hollywood just a hop away, Universal Studios is just on the other side of the Hollywood hill. Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are some of the larger amusement parks there and easy to get to for you to have some fun.

San Francisco is another great place to vacation at. A ton of history can be had there, as this was the birthplace of the 60’s hippies. So the cannabis culture there is as strong as ever. Another great city is San Diego and it is one of my favorites. There you have the awesome beaches, amusement parks and Mexico is just a skip away (but don’t take your weed with you, that’s a no, no.)

Way up in Northern California you have Humboldt, this is the mecca of cannabis as Humboldt used to be a major place for illegal cannabis grows and some of the best weed ever. The beauty up here in Northern California is amazing, Humboldt is very close to the giant redwoods you see in photos that a car can drive through.

Redwood National Forest, California

The lodging situation there is decent and getting better every month. There are a few hotels and vacation homes that are 420 friendly all over the state. The Hollywood B&B is a great place to stay, 420 friendly on property and very close to all of the attractions and hot spots. Sacramento has the famous Amber House B&B. A beautiful old house with a ton of history and beautiful gardens to blaze in. In San Diego you have the Ocean Beach Hotel, it has areas for you to blaze, watch the sunset and the beach is a 2 minute walk away. Surfs up!!

Where ever you decide to stay in California there is a lot of good choices for you to choose. Just decide if you want the peaceful forests up north or the hustle and bustle of Southern California.

PROS – Many, many things to do and see. Cities are close together so easy to travel to various places. You can have a calm vacation up north or a very busy one in the south.

CONS – Cites are close together making for some very bad traffic. Not very many recreational cannabis stores. Over populated.


This state has many places for you to have some 420 friendly fun. Starting with Reno “The Biggest  Little City in the World” you can find a few places to buy cannabis. With the beautiful Lake Tahoe to fish, ski and boat in also with a few ski resorts nearby, there is a lot to do here similar to what Colorado has.


Moving on to Las Vegas, here you have the majority of recreational marijuana stores to purchase from while on your 420 friendly vacation. We won’t go over how to lose your money here as most know what Las Vegas has to do, but one thing a lot don’t know is sin city will soon have a few cannabis smoking lounges for you to meet, blaze and relax with others in. But not till 2021 due to the state telling Las Vegas to wait till then.

Finding a 420 friendly Las Vegas hotel can be a challenge as any hotel with a casino cannot allow cannabis consumption on property. So don’t believe the top results on Google that Yelp is talking about, that information is WRONG!

Go here to to find VETTED cannabis friendly lodging.

Las Vegas

The best option for staying in Vegas is The Shalimar Hotel near Fremont Street. this is a great place with a lot of history. this is a vetted cannabis friendly hotel and has smoking areas and balconies for you to blaze on. They have an in house club and is very close to a lot of iconic landmarks and attraction in Vegas.

For activities you have a bunch like the roller coaster at New York, New York or the driving simulators at The Las Vegas Hilton, or drive a real super car on the test track up near the Stratosphere.  You can also take an ATV tour into the desert, escaping the hustle and bustle of the city to see some beautiful scenery. There are a lot of things for the traveling stoner to do in Nevada, so go now!!

PROS – Great selection of recreational stores in Las Vegas, everything is close by for you to see and do.

CONS – Very few cannabis friendly lodging choices, nowhere to smoke yet, very crowded in the cities.


If you want some beautiful and picturesque views for your 420 friendly vacation, a wide selection of recreational dispensaries… go to Oregon. This state has a average rainfall of  200 inches a year!! This makes for some very lush forests and coastlines for a stoner to explore. Starting in Portland you can find a whole lot of things to see. With the  huge Willamette River snaking through the city, you can hang out along the docks and watch some ships and yachts go by and enjoy the Northwest’s version of New York Harbor.


Another great place is on the coast of Oregon at Cannon Beach. This is one of the most photographed places in Oregon. This location is known for its beautiful beach, and very friendly residents.  Down south you have the cheese capitol Tillimock and the beach city of Oceanside. Both of these quaint towns have recreational cannabis dispensaries as well as Portland having the most.

You can also find a few places to say that are weed friendly establishments. The Jupiter Hotel in Portland is a favorite among the traveling stoners. This place has a great .location and welcomes cannabis enthusiasts from around the world. the Diamond stone guest lodges are another great option also.

Activities you can do there include getting lost in a lush forest, taking a jet boat ride UP a river, dodging rocks and fishermen while you hang on for dear life. There are ATV tours, cannabis tours, museums, beaches, shopping in the city and some awesome snow skiing on Mount Hood. You should not get bored here.

PROS – A large state with a wide variety of this to do, lots of recreational cannabis stores around the state, cheap to travel to, no sales tax.

CONS – Rains a lot! Most activities are up in the northwest of the state. Very spread out.


So head north my friends for a wonderful stay in the state of Washington. This state has quite a few opportunities for a vacationing stoner to do and a whole lot of recreational stores scatter across the state. First off the Space Needle has just been refurbished with a leaning glass observation deck, so if your high this is a wild thing to do. Chihuly Garden and Glass is an exhibit in the Seattle Center showcasing the studio glass of Dale Chihuly a very famous glass blower/sculpture maker.

Chihuly Garden

If you want to get out and hike the wilderness the Olympic National Park is another great option. But remember no cannabis on Federal land, so leave it at the hotel. Mount Rainer is another vacation favorite if you want some spectacular views. You can also hang out near Puget Sound, here there are too many things to list. A few of the favorites are Whidbey Island, this place has a  famous sightseeing attraction at its northern end called Deception Pass State ParkCrossing a bridge  that spans the narrow pass where the funneled tidal waters of the sound create intense rapids and great photos.

Another is Bainbridge Island. This island accessible by ferry or the bridge from the Kitsap Peninsula.  Bainbridge is a popular for shopping and dining, arts and culture, also a wide array of recreational activities including cycling, kayaking, and camping at Fay Bainbridge Park.


For lodging you also have a good variety of choices. Bed Baked and Beyond is a 420 travelers favorite in Seattle.  The 1899 House B&B is another great one to stay at in Spokane and the city is fun to explore as well. For the campers you have the Creek Retreat in Rosburg that is a 420 friendly campground with a great view. Most of the places we have discussed have a recreational store within an hours drive, so be sure to get your supplies before you head out.

PROS – Good selection of recreational stores with good coverage across the state. Visit the coast and mountains in one day. Lots of attractions to see.

CONS – Short summer, a lot of land is national forest so no cannabis there, rains a lot.

Hope you got some good information from this. Have a great cannabis vacation!

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