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Let’s learn more about vaping & vaporizers. Clearly, vaporizers are the healthier alternative to smoking. Physically it’s a device used to vaporize the active ingredients of plant material, commonly cannabis, tobacco, or other herbs or blends for the purpose of inhalation.


A Vaporizer is a device used for the extraction of active ingredients from herbs for the purpose of inhalation (vaping). Vaporization takes place in the various form of extracting chambers such as straight bore, venturi, or sequential venturi. They are generally designed using glass, metals, and heat resistant plastics. The extracted vapor may be collected in detachable bags or inhaled directly through a pipe or hose. Extraction of vapor is achieved through adjustable temperature ranges which are sufficient enough not to burn the contents of the heating chamber. Thus, vaporizers are more efficient and far less toxic compared to burning.


Vaporizers mostly incorporate one or both methods of vapor extraction technology listed below:

Conduction: This method involves direct contact between the heat source and the herbal material to produce vapor. This method is predominant with early desktop vaporizers and is not as common nowadays.

Convection: This method utilizes hot air blast to extract the active ingredients from the herbs. Hence, no contact is needed between heating source and the herbs. It is mostly common with a modern vaporizer.


Knowing the why’s and how’s of vaping may seem a daunting task. And ever so daunting it will be if you are a newcomer. For experienced Vapers, there are a plethora of choices to choose from. And these choices could effectively be grouped into one of the following categories:


WAX: Wax is simply a marijuana concentrate that takes the active ingredient of marijuana and extracts them into carrier liquids and wax.  Wax allows only the necessary part of the plant to be used.

Most people who smoke weed would either roll it in paper or use a water pipe. And burning would be required to produce the vapor. This is old style.

The use of wax concentrates and vape pens are proving to be just as efficient as smoking without having to inhale other chemicals with the vapor.

Vaping is the trend nowadays and it gives a similar effect as smoking. Generally, concentrate are believed to be less potent than smoking or vaping flowers. This is all about the dosage. To increase potency more vapor has to be inhaled.

OILS: Cannabis oil is the extracted THC from the buds and vegetable matter of the female cannabis plant. They are extracted by forcing solvents like butane and alcohol through the plant material under high pressure. The three major variety of cannabis oil include:

  • Hemp oil from the seed of cannabis plant.
  • CBD oil combinations without THC.
  • Cannabis oil that has high THC mainly for pain relief.

One major advantage of using vaping oil is that you can get many varieties and flavors. Vaping oil is odorless and you don’t have to worry about making those around you uncomfortable.

E-LIQUID: Perhaps the most basic and common among vapers. In its simplest form, can be made by using a wax liquidizer and adding numerous available flavors as you wish.

The major steal in vaping E-juice is the range of flavors that is available to you. This cancels out the monotony of smoking weed. Coupled that with the odorless vapor it produces allows you to vape while still being discrete.

DRY HERBS: Easily the most natural choice for smokers. Dry herbs you can vape include some popular ones like Tobacco, Cannabis, Basil, Green Tea, and Damiana. The sensation of smoking dry weed is second to none. But that feeling can be achieved by vaping, which is safer and more Eco-friendly. Whatever technique your vaporizer employs in extracting the vapor, actual burning is never required.

The temperature is just sufficient enough to heat the weed until it vaporizes. It is highly efficient and ensures only the active ingredients are released. No worries about inhaling smoke and other poisonous chemicals.


All Vaporizers in the market falls into one of the following 3 categories:

PEN VAPORIZERS: As the name implies, it looks like a pen. They are the smallest type and are designed to be discreet. They can easily fit into your pocket and looks like the regular object you carry about. They are mostly battery-powered. They are mostly compatible with E- liquid. But with the right implements can be used for other vaping materials.

PORTABLE VAPORIZERS: They are larger than the pen vapes. Most could easily fit into the pocket but are not entirely as discreet as the pen vaporizers. They are mostly battery-powered and more comfortable working with different vape materials.

DESKTOP VAPORIZERS: You set this one on the table. Not meant for portability. They can be carried if need be. But not just for vaping as they are complex and may require a constant power supply as most are not battery-powered. They are basically the best vaporizers in terms of vapor quality, design and durability.


Several ways you benefit from using a vaporizer include:

No smoke: Only quality vapor: vaporizers utilizes extraction techniques that DO NOT involve burning! Hence, extraction is more efficient.

Health benefits: The fact that vaping doesn’t involve burning the herbs means the harmful and irritating effect of smoking is greatly reduced.

Highly efficient: You get quality vapor without having to burn away your precious herbs!

Cheaper: In the long run at least. Initially, you need to buy a vaporizer after which vaping helps conserve your precious weed. It is roughly 100% more effective in extracting THC compared to smoking.

More Flavor: Materials and herbs you can vape are actually numerous. You can get many distinct flavors from E-liquids alone. The Vapor just feels cleaner, crispier and less toxic.

Discreet: You can vape using the more inconspicuous types of vaporizer depending on where you are. You can safely vape not worrying about making those around you uncomfortable with your smoke. As the odor from vaporizers are faint and operation produces only a slight humming.


The vapor produced in the vaporizers is without combustion and contains virtually zero particulate matter and significantly reduced carbon monoxides and other harmful gasses.

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