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How to Grow Cannabis in Your Home

By August 14, 2018

Many wonder if growing it is legal. Thus they dread growing it. But not to worry...

  • The DO'S and DONT'S of storing Cannabis The DO'S and DONT'S of storing Cannabis


    The DO’S and DONT’S of storing Cannabis

    By August 18, 2018

    Inevitably if one consumes cannabis long enough, they'll find themselves asking, "How long is my cannabis...

  • Silicone Accessories Review

    The Eyce SIDECAR

    By August 11, 2018

    The Sidecar rig features an exquisite design with an adjustable neck which makes cleaning the device...

  • Portable Vape Review

    DaVinci MIQRO

    By July 25, 2018

    The DaVinci MIQRO spots the same advanced features of the IQ but in a smaller package....

  • Dr. Dabber Switch Dr. Dabber Switch

    Portable Vape Review

    Dr. Dabber Switch

    By June 10, 2018

    The Dr. Dabber Switch is a ground-breaking vaporizer and the folks at Dr. Dabber believe their...

  • Pax Era Vprzrs Pax Era Vprzrs


    Pax Era – A Vape With an App

    By May 17, 2018

    The absolute deal breaker for the Pax Era is its innovative Bluetooth technology which allows you...

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