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The vaporizer market is a competitive market, with the major players trying to outdo each other. Hence, the bar is set at a high level already. The Dr. Dabber Switch just raised that bar to a whole different level. And we don’t have a product come and do that very often.

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a ground-breaking vaporizer and the folks at Dr. Dabber believe their new masterpiece is the most technologically advanced vaporizer we’ve come across. And it’s hard to argue otherwise.


The Dr. Dabber Switch is an advanced dual-purposed vaporizer that utilizes an electronic induction heating technology capable of heating both liquid and flowers within seconds. And that’s not all. Enclosed in this artistic beauty of a device are features which defy our usual logic of performance versus design.


  • 1 x Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer
  • 1 x Black Ceramic Induction Cup
  • 1 x White Ceramic Induction Cup
  • 1 x Borosilicate Glass Water Pipe Attachment
  • 1 x Dab Tool/Carb Cap
  • 1 x Silicone Wax Container
  • 1 x Tweezers
  • 1 x Ceramic Flower Filter
  • 1 x Charger



The ‘SWITCH’ is certainly the first ever vaporizer that utilizes induction heating technology. This innovative technology is the fastest heating method yet, and the SWITCH starts producing vapor in just 4 seconds after turning the heater on. The electromagnetic coil ensures that heat is uniformly applied over the liquid or herb surfaces. In addition, the heating is done in an enclosed nail, nothing else is subjected to heat. No worries about getting burnt or replacing heating coils, all thanks to magnets!


Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty-five heating profiles! While you’d be happy to find up to 5 different temperature range with others, the SWITCH is offering a staggering 25 different temperature range for unraveling your herbs and oils. Call it an overkill.

  • VAPOR QUALITY: wax and herbs

Whatever features a vaporizer may possess, it all boils down to performance and quality of vapor we’re getting at the end of the day. On this note, the Dr. Dabber Switch performs excellently well.

Induction heating is no joke! It provides the ‘Switch’ a wide array of options for the users to choose from, which is particularly excellent for wax vaping. The lower temperature settings are great for prioritizing flavor production while the higher temperature is great for dense, vapor seekers. Complement all that with the two ceramic nails included in the package or preferably, pick up the quartz option for an even better flavor.


Making a good first impression is always important to grab our attention. The Dr. Dabber Switch is not hard to notice. It employs a stunning hourglass figure made of high-grade borosilicate glass. Despite standing at 13 tall, its charming hourglass design makes it extremely comfortable to hold.

The temperature indicator LED lights comes in handy for basic vaping but are not of much help when using the full 25 temperature settings. The glass at the top of the device creates an impressive variety of patterns and colors, and together with the LED lights, can put on a show if you don’t mind flaunting your beautiful beast.


The Switch boost an impressive battery life, with a single charge claimed to be enough to last over 150 draws. That means reaching that number should take you over a week. That will be even more impressive because the device takes less than an hour to charge fully. Enough juice for little trouble. 


The Switch does everything in a big way. Among many other things, the Dr. Dabber Switch stands out for its ease of use, quality performance and it is effectively maintenance free. It is a high-end vaporizer and you should expect nothing less than top quality. It manages to WOW every one we know, chances are you will be too!

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Our Guarantee

Share your guarantees with your customers.

Our Guarantee

Share your guarantees with your customers.