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After weeks or maybe months of searching, you have finally found the perfect e-cig. But that’s only half the battle! Choosing the right e-liquid for your device is the key to a great vaping experience. Here’s how to find the best e-liquid that will help you get the most from your vaping experience.

It’s a matter of flavor

The very first concern when buying a new e-liquid is the flavor you want. This will outweigh all other aspects including nicotine strength and vapor production. The reason for that is simple: if you don’t enjoy the flavor, nothing else will matter. Thankfully, you can shop online for many different e-liquids in a nearly unlimited variety of flavors.

A lot of new users switching from cigarettes, tend to choose e-liquid vapors that match the flavors of their favorite traditional cigarette brands. However, you can find plenty of other delicious flavors that mimic everything from your favorite fruits and cereals, to alcoholic beverages like bourbon, brandy, wine, and cocktails.

Nicotine Contents

Nicotine in e-cigs is available in a range of strengths. Light smokers who have a habit of smoking half a pack or less per day will want an e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine or less. Average smokers who smoke half a pack to an entire pack in a day will want nicotine contents of 9mg to 16mg. Heavy smokers who chain smoke should consider 18mg to 36mg.

Choosing the right nicotine level is crucial because you’ll wind up vaping more to compensate for lack of nicotine if you need more, and too much nicotine could result in headaches. If you’re unsure of where you fall, the 9mg to 16mg range might be best to start with and gauge whether or not that’s sufficient.

VG and PG

In e-liquid, the base solution used will be either vegetable glycerol (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Sometimes you’ll find e-liquid that combines both. The main difference between the two is simple: PG provides you with a stronger flavor, but less vapor, while VG is thicker and slightly sweet to mute the taste, but produces more vapor.

However, some people are allergic to PG, resulting in hives, itching, or difficulty breathing if an allergic user vapes an e-liquid with an all-PG or PG/VG combination base. It’s best to turn to VG e-liquids if you experience any issues with PG.

Test and Find the Right E-Liquid for You

Taking these aspects into account, you’ll want to test various e-liquids to find the right fit. Testing will allow you to not only compare flavors from a single company, but it will also allow you to compare stores.

Often, in a brick-and-mortar vape store, they’ll allow you to test their e-liquids in the store. However, this won’t be doable online, but many online stores will offer testing packs that contain multiple flavors.

Trying different flavors and brands will ultimately help you find the best e-liquid for a peak vaping experience.

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Our Guarantee

Share your guarantees with your customers.

Our Guarantee

Share your guarantees with your customers.