Diagnosed in February 2017 with a ‘rare and aggressive’ tonsillar cancer, Carol immediately embarked on a series of lifestyle changes, aiming to rebuild her immune system. Her hope was that she could do this, and with regular monitoring and assessment from the NHS, be able to check on progress. Dr Carol Coombes OBE was the first person in the UK to openly admit to using Cannabis Oil to help manage a cancer when diagnosed in early 2017, and is contacted daily by people seeking guidance and more information.

Grandma Carol has gained the generous support of leading experts around the world to help the UK understand more about cannabis, as well as the potential of the UK Cannabis Industry.

Carol raises a number of questions that are being raised regularly, without anyone coming forward with a response. She says it’s precisely this lack of a response to questions that appear to be straightforward that heightens the fear and suspicions, at a time when we most need to trust our healthcare providers.

These questions include:

1. Why can’t the test results, experience and evidence of people now be looked at, to see if there are emerging patterns or themes?
2. Healthy living to manage disease has a clear requirement of no processed foods, sugar, dairy etc yet everything given to cancer patients as part of the treatment has a frighteningly high percentage of sugar. If nutritionists around the world say no sugar for cancer, why do we do the opposite?

Carol established the Facebook group Banned Aid: Weed the world shortly after her diagnosis to try to find a better way through the confusion for everyone and open discussions about the healing properties of cannabis. For her own education, she approached Professor Raphael Mechoulam, classed by many as the World Leading Cannabis Authority, shortly after her diagnosis.

Dr. Carol Coombes was contacted by relevant experts in the UK, many of whom she had already worked with previously. This in turn generated a global network of field experts willing to offer informed opinions. Many cannabis experts have since joined her social pages and getting involved in important information sharing about cannabis.

As there was still no credible source of impartial information readily available in and for the UK, a number of the experts joined Carols Facebook group, Banned Aid: Weed the World, to minimize risks and provide a credible, trustworthy resource. Whilst invaluable, these often private conversations aren’t carried well enough into the general public, and so Weed It and Reap was born. #WeedItandReap has a number of leading industry experts providing Dear UK/ Cannabis 101′ type information. The aim is to enable well informed and very public conversations about cannabis, the current situation, and The UK Cannabis Industry.

Carol feels strongly that these should all be open conversations about cannabis. Please invite people to join in the discussion by joining her pages below, sharing them with your family and friends and most importantly, communicate about cannabis!

Facebook Page
Facebook Group

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