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Pain is a sign of disease; it is a symptom that tells us that all is not right with our bodies. Depression can be by illness or accident; it is the most common reason that makes people seek medical attention.

Pain has many causes, some of which are not understood. It is often a severe problem to treat. Before now, in the pursuit to find suitable pain relievers, it was discovered that the marijuana has pain relieve properties. It has since then been used as pain reliever from various painful conditions ranging from a headache to childbirth.

Cannabis or marijuana is the substance which can also help in pain relief. It can only make the pain bearable rather than reducing it.

Despite this fact, researchers found out that, people benefit more from using cannabis because of the changes that occur in their brain when using it.

How Does Marijuana Work?

Marijuana or Cannabis has its effect on the human body because of a substance called THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).

The substance can plug the cannabinoid receptors which are specific receptors that receive cannabinoid neurotransmitters.

This will excite the neurons but at the same time prevents the natural cannabinoid receptors produced by the brain from performing its usual function.

In other words, it means that the areas of the brain that contains this receptor became excited and activated immediately but without being able to communicate and operate normally.

The amygdala, cerebellum, basal ganglia, brain stem and the neocortex are parts of the brain which contains a high level of cannabinoid receptors.

Technically, they exist in the parts of the brain that are related to memory, motivation or drive.

Marijuana or cannabis can be administered potently by inhaling its active ingredients with the use of a vaporizer.

When marijuana is being smoked, a class of harmful chemicals is formed within the smoke. The alternative is to vaporize the cannabis which will discharge the principal ingredients without burning the green material. Find out the best vaporizers to use with cannabis.

With the intake of the cannabis, it’s medicinal effects occur rapidly making easy to know the proper dose to take. As a result of this, vaporizing is one of the high modes of administering treatment for active symptoms.

Marijuana or Cannabis has various components which, when used with a high possibility of the medicinal effect.

All these components can be vaporized from the cannabis at the high temperature of which they are quickly absorbed by the lungs.

The marijuana or cannabis is of two types which are cannabis saliva and indicate respectively. Though used for many purposes a majority of people today are finding out that it can be used to reduce certain types of physical discomfort more so than synthetic painkillers, tranquilizers and other forms of medication.

Despite the fact that, marijuana or cannabis can be used in medication. Whether by using the vaporizer or taking it raw it’s side effect includes; severe anxiety, not being able to tell reality from imagination, loss of personal identity, hallucination and problems with coordination.

Regarding the legality of marijuana or cannabis as a pain reliever depends on the country one finds oneself. For example in England cannabis is not recognized as having any medicinal value.

Therefore, one can commit an offense in England and Wales for possession and supply of such drugs.

However, Cannabis contains a based product called Sativex which can be legally prescribed by medical personnel and supplied depending on various circumstances.

In America, the public supports making of marijuana or cannabis legal, and they believe that the drug should be made legal for medicinal uses.

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