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With the weather warming up smokers get enthusiastic. There’s something about the summer and spring months which unleashes the toker from within us. And at times those months bring out every green thumb. Every enthusiastic marijuana devotee has turned their attention to the plant’s facet –cultivation from the usual rolling joints. But with this, every marijuana lover has a spectrum of doubt or at times a question about even growing one cannabis plant in their homes.

The question here is, do you want to grow that marijuana plant in your home? Does it turn you on possessing one for yourself but do not know the know-how hop along and see it all for yourself? The article is well detailed just for you to give you the steps and the green light.

Many wonder if growing it is legal. Thus they dread growing it. But not to worry with marijuana being legal, do not be afraid about law enforcements bothering you because you possess a marijuana plant.

How you can grow weed

First and foremost remove every doubting fear that growing a cannabis plant is hard with a lot of processes. In fact, the growing process is straightforward and effortless with the results being quality.

The reason behind calling cannabis weed is because it grows anywhere and easily just like any weed. Marijuana is amongst the flowering plants thus its fruit is bore one annually on fall seasons when daytime hours are shorter than nighttime. That is one crucial aspect of growing it. You need to know the seasons to grow it well. Marijuana’s photoperiod or light period has to be controlled by keeping the plant in twelve hours of full light to prevent it from flowering.

Should any of the of the young plants flower soon, you won’t harvest much, and if any, they will not be of quality. Any potted plant must vegetate or grow for two weeks at least before its flowering lest you want to get a bitter harvest on the long run.

To keep your marijuana plants in vegetation as well as to garner well developed and healthy specimens, the young seedlings must be grown for about six months before induction of flowering. Meanwhile, that period makes sure every plant gets 16 light-hours minimum with a surer eat being at 20 hours. If you’re growing it indoors, use a window or, lamp to ascertain proper photoperiod length. 

Horticultural Lighting

Using artificial lighting might be an expensive section of growing weed; nonetheless, there are some inexpensive lamps out there that would do this job ideally. Other marijuana growers use costly specialized lamps but growing one plant indoors will work with many lights.

Or if you are on a budget, you might want to use your window that is if it illuminates the sun’s power perfectly for adequate daytime hours. Another option is using fluorescent bulbs to be a supplement to sunlight after a sunset. T5’s CFL’s or T8’s fluorescent bulbs are perfect to keep the weeds in vegetative states.

Pro hints

  • The lesser the light intensity, the lower the development of the plants.
  • Fluorescent bulb options must only be for sunlight supplementing purposes at night.
  • Consequently, should the daytime light be weak, your weed is going to stretch while insufficiently developing giving you undesirable harvest result wildly.

Flowering cycle -trigger

After your plants have sufficiently developed to the point that they can produce decent harvest flowers, you need to evenly place them in 12 hours nighttime and 12 hours daytime every single day. That does not give an implication that your lamp has been rendered useless, in fact during low sunlight intensity use it to supplement the sunlight to produce energy for your fruits.

If it were possible for your plants to be directly in 12 hours sunlight, then strong supplementing lighting aren’t necessary. Nonetheless, even in the outdoors, it isn’t possible. The best flowering option is moving the plants into enclosed locations like a cabinet to hang lamp overheads to precisely control light cycles. To get this done use premium outlet timers then set it 12 hours cycles.

During dark cycles, it’s crucial that no light at all reaches the plant spaces. The plants’ flowering gets disrupted by light leaks. They also confuse or distress the flowering process of your plants forcing them to hermaphrodite and severely weakening the quality and yield.

Other cannabis growing tricks and tips

Apart from the above suggestions, some other considerations to take into are:

  • Nutrients
  • mediums
  • Container types

The best cannabis plant containers are those who provide breathability. The best ones are the fabric pots. The containers should be inclusive of saucers and drainage holes to hold the runoffs. The worst thing you can do is let your weed sit in stagnant waters because the pH is going to change then it will get redrawn from the plant and the medium. Stagnant water causes molds and attracts bugs.

In regards to medium, you can use for a sizeable organic potting pot, because it does the trick perfectly. Mediums that are sphagnum, coco-, peat-based are the best choices. Also your medium needs to be airy to allow air penetration to your root zone. The weed plants inhale oxygen from underground while upper plants inhale carbon IV oxide.

Other mediums like organic soils might come with natural nutrients like sea kelp and guano. It lessens the plant’s nutrient amounts. Thus they’ll require no feedings until the flowering cycle begins.


Do not forget that growing pot plants connects directly to your nature. You should enjoy the process of growing cannabis. All you need is to grow them and heed to their conditions that are listed in the guide above, and you’ll yield quality cannabis. If you like the guide, go ahead and recommend it to your fellow blunt takers.

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