OTTO by Banana Bros.- First Automatic Herb Grinder

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OTTO weed Grinder by Banana Bros. - VPRZRS

In truth, even before the big unveiling of the OTTO Grinder, the makers of the device promised something different, remarkable and a herb grinder that is one of a kind.

The OTTO herb grinder by Banana Bros may have only hit the market a few days ago, but the rave around it has reached fever pitch already. In truth, even before its big unveiling, the makers of the device promised something different, remarkable and a herb grinder that is one of a kind. After getting a first-hand assessment of the device, we are glad to say the OTTO exceeded all expectations. We knew it was going to be good, but not this good!


OTTO Grinder – Overview

Single Button Operation
SMART Grinding Technology
All-In-One Joint Auto Joint Roller
Spill Free Filling Funnel
All-Natural Premium Cones
Metal Grinder Teeth
Spring Loaded
Detects Material Consistency
USB Charging

The OTTO is the first automatic SMART herb grinder of its kind in the market. At the push of a button, the OTTO can deliver as much as 30 joints on a single charge alone. Interestingly, this process takes just a few seconds to complete – combining the perfect grind and perfect pre-roll in one motion. The package comes with premium quality cones made of natural fiber in which the ground herbs is pre-rolled and ready for your vaping pleasure.

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OTTO Grinder Design and Performance

The OTTO at first glance has a premium feel to it. The device is very sleek and easy to the eyes with its impressive finish. The design is quite simple, which probably contributes to how easy the OTTO is to use. Appearing like your regular small speakers, the device spot a single button with a LED-backlit feature which is all you’ll need to master to prepare your finely ground herbs. The chamber is made up of premium grade wear-resistant metal teeth which turns your dry herbs into the finely ground joint, which is seamlessly collected with the set of transparent cones provided with the package.

Also, you wouldn’t want the sweet smell of your herbs to fill the room before you’re ready to vape. Don’t worry, the device airtight seal makes sure nothing gets out. It comes equipped with a USB port for its rapid charging feature. We can’t have any complaints with the choice of technology here as it works perfectly with several power sources.

OTTO Grinder by Banana Bros. - VPRZRS

OTTO Grinder – How to Use

The OTTO’s minimalistic design with just a single button and a LED indicator system means operating the device is like taking a walk in the park.

All you have to do can be summarized with these 4 simple steps below:

1. Carefully fit one of the premium cones provided when you purchase the OTTO in the tube.

2. Gently place your dry herbs into the OTTO chamber, and carefully fit the grinder over the cone tube. There are magnetic connectors located under the device that helps hold the arrangement in place.

3. To power on the device, hold the button down. A single press afterward tells the device to begin grinding. 

Now, here is where the SMART technology comes into play. To ensure that the granules filling the cone are evenly consistent, the necessary adjustments are made by the device as it senses the changes in the characteristics of the herbs in the chamber.

4. The ground herbs collect into the cone by an o-funnel mechanism. Leaving you with nothing else to do other than removing the grinder, taking out your finely ground herbs and enjoy.

1 x banana bros. OTTO Grinder
1 x Fresh Seal Cone Tube
1 x Extra Seal
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x USB Charging Cable



The OTTO electrical grinder by Banana Bros is a first in many aspects. Our first impression was “whoa”. The OTTO is an effective grinder with fantastic pre-roll capabilities. All that is needed to get your vaping session started can be done in a few minutes with the herb grinder. The OTTO certainly delivered on its hype no doubt.

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